Helpful. Honest. Human.

We do our part to create a more helpful, more honest, and more human legal system. Clients come in alone and leave with a team at DL Vermont.

Meet the Team

DL Vermont is tremendously proud of the impact that we make in our clients lives by providing quality legal services and outside the box thinking. By approaching each case with a team mentality, clients can contact anyone on the team and get assistance.

Our Services

We strive to provide quality service by limiting the areas of practice we offer to our community.

Criminal Defense

DUI Defense, Driving Offenses, Domestic Violence, Drug Offenses, and Relief From Abuse Orders (RFAs)

Family Law

Divorce or Legal Separation, Parentage, Child Custody and Suport, Prenuptial Agreements, Post-Divorce Matters, and Relief From Abuse Orders (RFAs)

Juvenile Law

Child In Need of Care or Supervision (CHINS), Youthful Offenders, Delinquency